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There is Hope Radio is an outreach of Fairhaven House a faith-based clean & sober housing ministry and is sponsored by Seattle Open Door Church in Burien, WA.

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Next BroadcastGoodbye to our KGNW Listeners
Richard Dover

There is Hope Radio has been on KGNW 820AM in Seattle since March 2010. Effective September 1, 2015 There is Hope will no longer be broadcasting on KGNW. On tonight's show radio host Richard Dover will be giving a challenge to all his radio listeners and letting them know how they can continue hearing messages that will challenge them and bring them hope through There is Hope Internet Radio.

We will continue to nedd listener support as we change formats.

Check out Pastor Rich's Blog on Current Events:

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Sponsored by Seattle Open Door Church

If you live in the Southwest area of Seattle and you are looking for a church that welcomes everyone. check out Seattle Open Door Church.

There is Hope

There is Hope was a Live Talk Radio Show on KGNW 820 AM in Seattle from March 2010 thru August 205. It was hosted by Pastor Richard D. Dover of Seattle Open Door Church. Pastor Rich shared Biblical Principles on many more topics from living for Christ, living a victorious life, forgiveness, the power of grace, coming back to God, and much more.In the past There is Hope Radio was focused mainly on addiction & recovery.

You can listen to podcasts of previous shows by going to the Archives.

Effective Septermber 1, 2015 There is Hope Radio will become There is Hope Internet Radio. For the moment we offer over 240 previous podcasts that you can listen to by going to our archive page. We also offer the ability to listen to our shows video a radio player, click here.

It is our goal when the necessary funds come in to be broadcasting live via the Internet.

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A Passion to Help
Learn about the ministry of There is Hope

Changed LivesThrough There is Hope we have a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people (read testimonials). We are able to bring hope to those who desire to walk in victory over sin.

Pastor Rich believes every person, both Christian and non-Christian need to experience recovery from the consequences of sin, and there are Biblical principles that if applied, will change the lives of those who apply these principles.

The truth is what sets people free from bondage. Too many pastors are fearful to speak the truths found in Scripture. Pastor Rich says "Let's Be Real-the Truth Sets You Free, not sugar coating the truth".

If you desire change in your life, There is Hope Radio may be just what you need.

What is exciting is that every person who sponsors, pays for advertising, or becomes a radio ministry partner has a role in bringing positive change in a person's life, which means bringing a positive change in our community.

There is Hope Programming

Richard & Carmi DoverHosts

Richard Dover, Pastor of Seattle Open Door Church and Program Director of Fairhaven House. Richard has been involved in jail/prison ministry, street ministry, evangelism, lay counseling, and teaching Bible Studies for over 25 years.

Carmi Dover at times is the Co-Host. Carmi has been involved in several short term missions trips, was a small group leader in the Philippines for several years, and was the house manager of a woman's transition home on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA.


  • Interactive talk, live interviews with those who are recovering from varuous sinful lifestyles, discussion and commentary on a variety of topics relating to living a victorious life. The focus is to provide hope to the hopeless.

  • Share principles and concepts in regards to what works, and what does not work in living a victorious Christian life..

  • Discuss the 12-Steps in a Christian perspective.

  • Highlight ministries that are reaching out to the hopeless.

Support There is Hope Make a Difference

To be honest without the help of advertisers, sponsors, donors, volunteers There is Hope is not able to be on the air and bring a message of hope to those who are caught up in addiction.

We do not only provide hope, we provide counsel, insight, prayer, and resources for those who desire to be set free from addictions.

Will you partner with us to make a difference?


We have some limited advertising options. However, that means you will not be competing with your competition.
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There is Hope sponsors have a link on our radio show web pages, receive ad spots during the broadcasts, interviewed on the show, and many more benefits. Sponsors can be treatment centers, counselors, recovery houses, and other related type organizations.
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Besides airtime costs, we have expenses such as the cost of our 24/7 prayer line, promotional costs, Internet radio costs, web site costs, and recovery materials that we give away at no charge, Can you help?
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There is much more that goes on behind the scenes of a live radio show. It was goes on behind the scenes that makes it possible to be on the air. As a volunteer you have a role in helping those who reach out to via There is Hope.
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Recovery Resources

Are you, or someone you know,  struggling with an addiction or other sin issues? Besides our There is Hope radio show we have a variety of other resources to help those who are wanting to be set free from an addiction or the bondage of sin. It is never too late to get help.

Recovery Resources

We have a variety of items on this site to help individuals to walk in recovery. Check them out.

Christian Addiction Intervention

We provide Alcohol, Drug, Other Addictions Intervention from a Christian perspective.

Seattle Open Door Church

Seattle Open Door Church is committed to Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life. We do not believe you can truly love life unless you love people, and you cannot truly love people without loving God. So we as a church desire to leanr how to love God more and are determined to share his love with whosever. All are welcome at our church. More Info

Fairhaven House Clean & Sober Housing

Fairhaven House provides low income, faith-based clean & sober housing for individuals that are overcoming an addiction. We currently have three houses in Seatac and Burien. We offer two-man rooms, single rooms, and studios. $300-$550 a month. More Info

Fairhaven House/There is Hope On-Line Store

Our on-line store has books, audio CDs, DVDs, and articles for free to help those who are struggling with an addiction. We are doing our best to make it easier for addicts to get help. Check out our on-line store.

Christian Addiction Intervention
Do you have a loved one that needs an intervention so that they will make the decision to get into treatment. Christian Addiction Intervention may be what would work best for you and your loved one. Learn More

Contact Us

Call 1-866-346-7186 or email us at programdirector@thereishoperadio.org.