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I was driving down the road very hopeless and depressed. I was ready to quit on life. I turned on the radio and had to pull over to the side of the road. Your show gave me hope. What is amazing is the next day I went to a church I had never gone to before and the radio host of There is Hope was at the church.

After listening to the testimony of one of your guests I realized that I was an alcoholic and I went into outpatient treatment and moved into your clean & sober house.

I am struggling with a 25-year addiction to pain killers. I listen to There is Hope every week because it gives me hope that some day I can be set free. I want to help There is Hope help others to never get addicted to pain killers.

I listen to your show every single week. I want to call in sometimes but I am afraid that I will miss some of the show. I have to admit I am 'addicted' to There is Hope.

I have never used drugs or alcohol. I tuned into your show by accident and found myself not wanting to turn off the radio because I was learning so much about what it is like to be addicted. This helps me understand more about my brother who is an alcoholic.

As I listen to the testimonials of those who have been set free from addictions I have hope that some day my son will be able to overome his addiction. Please pray for him.

Because of your show I am now attending Community of Hope. It is so nice to find a church service that focuses on addiction and recovery. This is helping me to work on my dysfunctional behavior.

I gave up chewing tobbaco that was costing me 16 dollors a week. I could not have done this without the help of your show.

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